Are self-esteem issues affecting your daily life? Are you struggling with your self-esteem or having negative thoughts about yourself? Do you compare yourself to other people?

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The way we view ourself affects the way we process information . In addition, it affects the ways we view others and the way we view ourselves. Social media is filled with filters and the ability and edit and distort every feature of our body. However, this over-emphasis on physical beauty can feel like a loud message that we just will never be good enough.

What causes low self-esteem?

Sometimes a major life change can trigger self-esteem issues and shake our confidence to the core. Have you been through a divorce, had a baby, or moved into a new phase of life? We all go through things in life and when we do we have to shift our views on how we define ourselves and how we view our own self-esteem.

In addition, the continual lure to compare ourselves to others can further negatively impact our view of ourselves. We all were uniquely created and no two are exactly alike for a good reason. We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses. However, when we get fixated on our weaknesses we miss out on beauty of a life that celebrates our strengths!

Defining our self-esteem

How do you define self-esteem and has yours changed throughout your life? What things have affected your sense of self? Think about how you view other people and whether you view them less critically than you view yourself. In other words, do you judge yourself with an iron fist yet give others the benefit of the doubt. Do you focus on other people’s strengths and assume they tried their best? Finally, do your thoughts feel like they are your worst enemy and always putting down?

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